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The hotel was built in 1991. Karl Brock was one of the investors, later becoming the principal owner.

Today, the hotel is owned by his daughter, Andrea Seidl, and, since reopening, has operated under the name
das seidl Hotel & Tagung. Giving the hotel its current name was a conscious decision, to demonstrate to our guests that they can expect a high standard of service and a warm welcome, guaranteed with our family name.

Indoor slot car racing

How do you come to install a slot car racing track at your hotel?

The best ideas are inspired by friends...


A gift under the Christmas tree

Once, there was a little boy who received a Carrera racetrack for Christmas from his godfather. The racetrack was immediately set up right under the Christmas tree: once the small, 8-shaped track was built, it was difficult to tell who was having more fun with it, the little boy or his father.

Even before the holidays were over, the boy’s father was buying more cars, sections and optional accessories to extend the track. So today, there are enough parts to create a sophisticated four-lane racetrack. When the racetrack was set up, it was not only the children who had the time of their lives - even the boy’s godfather, his neighbours and friends would visit more and more often, eager to enjoy the thrill of the races.

A few years later, a “Racers and Pit Babes” party was held with various friends. The Carrera racetrack in the living room was intended as a fun gimmick for everybody to test their racing skills, but it soon became the major attraction of the party. The men in particular were totally absorbed in the races and were reluctant to surrender the control set. This was the inspiration behind the idea that a slot car racetrack would be a great asset to our hotel.

The hotel manager himself designed and built a racetrack which offers just enough speed and difficulty to give you a memorable team-building experience. We look forward to offering you the racetrack as an evening event for your seminars and conferences as soon as our new seminar room is completed. The right mix of speed and sophistication will make your community experience memorable.