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Business hotel with indoor parking in Puchheim near Munich

Travelling by car is one of the most convenient ways of getting around. However, sometimes it is not easy to find parking in a large city like Munich. This is also true for Puchheim, near Munich.
Therefore, das seidl Hotel & Tagung has a spacious underground garage.
An elevator links the garage with the hotel lobby.

Inexpensive and safe parking

For a fee of € 7.50 per night, you may park your car in one of the 50 spaces in our garage, where it will be safe and protected from extreme temperatures. We lock the garage at 10 pm, but it can of course be accessed at any time with your key.
Some parking spaces are reserved specifically for women and are located near the stairs and the elevator to the hotel lobby.
Conference delegates not staying overnight may use the garage at our daily rate of € 5.00 if space is available.
There is separate parking space available for event organisers.
Guests who do not wish to park in our garage are free to park in one of the streets around the hotel at no extra charge.

Benefits of underground parking at the hotel

  • 50 parking spaces
  • Safe parking
  • Direct access to the hotel
  • Women’s parking spaces
  • Separate parking for event organisers